online dress shopping in Pakistan

As summers are the most prolonged season of the year, that is why getting your hands on the best Pakistani clothing brand that crafts phenomenal designs, prints, and colors illustration is a must!

If you also feel perplexed in finding the best dresses for ladies to wear in offices, university, or gatherings, then let us assist you in the  best ways.

Prime Point is an emerging brand in Pakistan that manufactures perfect suits giving you the freedom to select your favorite women's dresses online or from your nearest stop.

So, without any delay, let’s get delved into the ocean of crisp unstitched Pakistani suits that you must incorporate into your wardrobe this season.

Do Online Dress Shopping for Trendy Prints

What catches the attention of beholders at first glance? Yes, you are not wrong, it's PRINTS!

That is the reason you should try to get your hands on uncommon prints such as textured, digital, floral, geometrical, or blocks. It doesn’t matter what your favorite and go-to print is, if you haven’t pulled it off perfectly, it won’t catch any attention.

For instance, if you are searching for the best ladies' dresses online that have vibrant shades, but are not very vibrant, then this dress is just for you!

Let’s have a glance at the exquisite features of this product, and see how it would look beautiful on you.

The maroon printed color looks very enticing, and you can easily opt for it for summer gatherings. Be it a brunch, or date night, if you styled this dress in a good way, it will look very pretty.

best unstitched Pakistani suits

If we talk about the print of the shirt, then it has an embroidered neckline in a light beige shade that is adding a light contrasting shade with a vibrant hue. Moreover, the sleeves have also got embroidery on the border side.

This 3-piece lawn suit unstitched dress shirt is made of lawn fabric, but the fabric of the trouser is cambric, and it’s of plain grip style.

Organza fabricated dupatta is an all-time trend and would add charm to the overall look.

So, purchase this dress, and let it be another beautiful addition to your wardrobe.

Pakistani Dresses Online That is best for Semi-formal Events

Apart from vibrant shades, let’s take a deep dive into the ocean colors, and see this ravishing dress.

As we all know dim, and light shades don’t assist you to make a stand from the crowd but also look very enticing in the hot season of summer.

If you want to search for some light, and cool shade for some semi-formal event, then this dress shouldn’t be missed.

The frozen-shaded lawn shirt has got an embroidered neckline in an off-white shade, and the front side of this shirt has got patterned embroidery. The dupatta is of the same lawn fabric, but the fabric of the trouser is dyed cambric.’

If you want us to design this 3-piece lawn suit for you, then we would suggest you plazo-styled trousers, and a long shirt with a square-shaped collar.

3-piece lawn suit for ladies

Moreover, if you are into cute trendy sleeve designs, then you can also craft beaded-styled sleeves.

Accessorize this dress in a very appealing way, and let you be a showstopper in your next event. Off-white studs options, with wedges and heels, would be very great, and attention-seeking jewelry options.

And when it comes to the makeup part, you can apply a light foundation, any shade of pink, or plump-shaded lipstick. Curling your hair, and making a loose bun would give a very chic vibe too.

If you are a fan of online dress shopping, then get your hands on this pretty dress, as this is just one click away.

Lawn Unstitched Dresses Having Exquisite Colors

Apart from ocean colors, and maroon shades in lawn unstitched, if you are looking for something distinct, and unique, then the mustard-hued suit is just for you!

Let’s have a glance at the enchanting details of this dress. The front side of the shirt has a floral embroidered neckline and floral all-over prints.

The gray-hued dupatta of this 3 piece lawn suit is unstitched and beautifully crafted with lawn fabric.

When it comes to the styling ideas of this dress, then you can choose gray shaded earrings and sandals with this dress.

Pakistani best lawn unstitched suit

Comfortable Fabrics in Embroidered Lawn Suits

Except vibrant, and dark shades, we have also got light, and baby colors, which is why we are putting forward this cute shade of pink.

As this dress falls into the category of embroidered lawn suits, which is why it has an embroidered neckline.

You can easily experiment with different styling ideas on this dress, and craft it in a very stunning way.

Get a Magnificent Collection of Prime points this Season!

With a wide, and diversified range of 3-piece embroidered lawn suits, we hope that your search of finding the best suits for summer has come to an end with Prime Point.

You can effortlessly play with different creative, and unique ideas to stitch, and style your dresses, and let you make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Above mentioned Pakistani dresses online have already captured the hearts of many, so it’s the call of the time that you should add these to your wardrobe too!